Physician Support

Key Advantages

Customization, consultation and collaboration; key elements in our ability to deliver expertise on demand.

Having tools that are unique to your practice needs means online ordering that unburdens your staff and a results portal configured to show you the diagnostic informatics that matter most to you in real-time.

It means delivering truly customized report formats that capture findings in a sequence and integration formula that help you make sound decisions and address patient questions without hesitation.

Direct communication with our Hematopathologists, regardless of time or place, ensures you're never left feeling indecisive about next steps in patient care.

Operational Excellence

Operations run on a 24/7 basis with turnaround times based on calendar days, ensures there's never ambiguity around when you'll see results or if a specimen will be viable because of receipt on a weekend or holiday.

Being treated as a partner, and with the same respect anyone in our own organization would want to be afforded, establishes a common ground for delivering the best in healthcare.

Whether its billing practices that put patients first, customer support that goes the extra mile, or couriers that "leave no sample behind" we know what it means to collaborate in the success of your patient care.

Looking for an address? Ship specimens to:

25 Riverside Drive Ste. 2
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

"My expectations are constantly exceeded by the turnaround time, personalized service, and collaborative approach to reach the correct diagnosis."

Desiree A. Carlson, MD
Chief of Pathology, Signature Healthcare

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A Model Experience

With core values rooted in service and integrity, our leadership team sets the bar high.

We consistently strive to set the model for exactly how a reference laboratory should engage with both physicians and patients.

Accredited and Certified

siParadigm is accredited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and certified by CAP (College of American Pathologists).

We also hold select state licensure where required.