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Trust and Confidence

Just as you have a choice in doctors, you doctor has a choice in which lab he entrusts with your blood, bone marrow, or tissue sample.

Laboratory testing and diagnosis should not only involve a number of different testing methods like flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular studies, but also a special expertise in interpreting those results.

Many blood disorders have their origin in the manufacturing process of different blood cell types; usually too many or too few cells are produced, or cells don’t mature or die as they should.

Hematopathologists are trained to specifically recognize and identify blood and bone marrow disorder.

Your doctor knows that siParadigm has a staff of world-class hematopathologists, scientists, and technologists behind every result, and that they treat each patient and diagnosis with the level of care and respect they deserve.

Patient Friendly Service

Everything about your situation is unique. You know this, your doctor knows this, and so does siParadigm.

Waiting for results can seem like an eternity, understanding those results can be overwhelming, and figuring out what your insurance may or may not pay, can be confusing and upsetting.

siParadigm lessens all these worries at every opportunity.

  • siParadigm is a leader in the lab industry in delivering accurate results in rapid time.
  • siParadigm believes that both your doctor, and you, should thoroughly understand your results; siParadigm’s hematopathologists are always available to consult and take as much time as is needed to clarify or put more detail around your results.
  • siParadigm will file a claim with your insurance and the siParadigm Billing Team will work with your provider to make sure that your coverage is utilized to its fullest.

You should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company for siParadigm’s services. THIS IS NOT A BILL.

However, you may need to pay for some expenses related to your insurance coverage “out of pocket” (for example, deductibles or co-pays), but again, siParadigm will do everything possible to minimize expense to you. siParadigm has a Financial Assistance Policy which may help with those costs. Uninsured patients may also qualify for free or reduced cost testing if eligibility criteria is met.

If you have any questions about an EOB or what may have been billed to your insurance or you, please contact our Billing Team toll free at 888-599-5227 or fap.billing@siparadigm .

"While we have many laboratories to choose from, we consider siParadigm to be the most reliable. Contact with a hematopatholgist is rapid and informative."

Barry Kaplan, MD, PhD
Oncologist/Hematologist, Queens Medical Assoc.

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A Model Experience

With core values rooted in service and integrity, our leadership team sets the bar high.

We consistently strive to set the model for exactly how a reference laboratory should engage with both physicians and patients.

Accredited and Certified

siParadigm is accredited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and certified by CAP (College of American Pathologists).

We also hold select state licensure where required.